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Concrete Plants for 2017 – Statement from JEL Manufacturing Management

Most concrete plant manufacturers are filling production slots for 2017, and JEL Manufacturing is no different as we already see deliveries scheduled through the winter and into spring. It is expected that 2017 will be a strong year for concrete plant sales industry wide as the recovery of the construction market continues. What this means for contractors, ready mix, and precast concrete companies is that across our industry you can expect manufacturers to charge a premium for short delivery of concrete plants; it is likely that manufacturers will be less negotiable in pricing; and you may see across the board price increases beyond those necessary to adjust changing component and steel costs. You may also see a resurgence of dealers and reps holding inventory at a premium cost of quick delivery.

While nobody in our company (or any other) can foresee the demand and pricing far into the future, JEL Manufacturing is committed to our customer. This means we will continue to offer quality equipment aggressively priced. We are committed to manufacturing our equipment in the most economical way possible and passing those savings along to our customer.
Our challenge, of course, will be the strong likely hood that we will not be able to meet the demand. Of course, we hate to turn business away and work diligently to accommodate customer delivery needs and increase our production along the way, but there is a strong likelihood we will turn customers simply due to short term delivery. To any potential customer considering JEL Manufacturing for a concrete plant; please understand I am not saying we cannot accommodate short delivery. We understand the need for a concrete plant can develop quickly and unexpectedly. Please talk with your sales contact and we will do everything we can do, but we some customer’s will end up paying a premium from our competitors to ensure their short-term delivery needs. Those customers who have the benefit of planning and reserve production spots early will be well rewarded.

If you are considering purchasing a concrete plant, JEL Manufacturing would like to ask for your business. Please trust us to manufacture your concrete plant. You will find our concrete plants are over engineered, well manufactured and a price leader.

Visit us online at to find more information on our concrete plants and contact our sales team through the website or by calling us at 866-535-6646 to get any questions you have answered. Our sales team is supported by an experienced engineering department and we welcome the opportunity to arrange a conference with all interested parties to discuss your specific needs.

Thank you for considering JEL Manufacturing for our concrete plant needs.