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Automatic & Manual Concrete Batching Plant Systems

Concrete Batch Plant Control Systems - Automatic & Manual

JEL Concrete Plants offers several concrete plant control systems for ready mixprecast & central mix plants, as well as level indicators and moisture and temperature sensors. Along with the Batchtron Automatic Control System, we also have a Manual Concrete Plant Control System we design and build ourselves. See our ROI Calculator for pricing.


Batchtron Automatic Control System

Batchtron Automatic Control System for Concrete Batch Plants

Maximize your production, accuracy and profitability with a Batchtron automatic control system. With customized graphics and internal hardware designed specifically for JEL Concrete Plants, the Batchtron automatic control system is easy to use and provides rugged, high-quality automation that is ideal for Ready Mix or Precast concrete plants.

  • PLC Based Logic –The Batchtron’s PLC control provides reliability that isn’t possible with PC-based control systems. It has no rotating parts and does not rely on Windows software, a common reason other concrete plant control systems become outdated and unusable.
  • Color Touch Screen Operation – Accurate batches are easy with this touch screen.  Just select the pre-programmed formula, the batch size and press “Go.”  You can also access detailed information about any part of your plant and even manual operation of your plant by touching the image of the equipment on the screen. 7” color screen is standard, with up 10.4” color touch displays available.
  • Compact Design and Small Footprint – The PLC, color touch screen, and all the electronics for the Batchtron are contained in a single desktop cabinet.
  • Automatic self-tuning keeps your plant at peak trim all the time, eliminating batch weight errors and wasted product.
  • Easily upgradable with online software upgrades.

Manual Concrete Plant Control System

Manual Control System for Concrete Batch Plant

The simplicity of this manual control system is ideal for concrete plant owners who don’t need to print tickets and aren’t as concerned with production speed and accuracy. This system lets you operate each function on your concrete plant via a switch or button without obstructing view of the built in scale indicators. It can be customized to the specific functions of your concrete plant.

  • Easy Water Control – Enter the amount of water you want in your batch and press “Go.”
  • Basic Conveyor Safety – Conveyor belt start is delayed 0-30 seconds while a horn sounds a warning that the conveyor is about to start. The warning horn time can be custom set to your preference by accessing the inside of the manual panel.
  • Precision Aggregate Batcher Gate Control – Inching gates are controlled by our manual panel to give you flow control of aggregates from the hopper to the conveyor belt. This helps control belt overloading and truck overfilling. To prevent having to start the conveyor belt under load, our manual panel doesn’t allow the aggregate batcher gates to open unless the conveyor belt is operating.
  • Cement Discharge Control – Bimba valves are used to restrict the exhaust air speed of your cement batcher gates, allowing operators to slowly open their cement gates and quickly close them.
  • Trade-Up to Batchtron – We offer a trade-in credit on your manual panel when you decide to upgrade to a Batchtron automatic concrete plant control within 2 years of the date of purchase. Trade-in value is based on the condition of your panel at the time trade.

Each standard model is customized to fit your system based on your system's requirements. We coordinate all types of concrete batching equipment to custom manufacture the perfect batching plant for your jobsite.

Contact JEL Concrete Plants for a quote on a fully customized batch plant built to your exact specs.

Concrete Batch Plant Control Systems for Sale

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We manufacture manual concrete plant control systems for custom built batch plants - but when you're looking for a new system or need specifications on certain machinery or further information, contact FESCO Direct to get started.


Custom Ready Mix & Precast Concrete Batch Plant Design & Installation

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