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Cement Silo Dust Collector for Concrete Batch Plants

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Dust Collection Equipment for Concrete Batch Plants

JEL Concrete Plants manufactures custom concrete dust collection systems for ready mixprecastcentral mix plants to keep things clean and increase the longevity of your equipment. Our standard dust collector systems are highly customizable to your job site or production application. See our ROI Calculator for pricing.


To purchase individual dust collectors for an existing system or inquire for parts availability, contact our partners at FESCO Direct for availability.


Ready Mix Load Out Concrete Dust Collection System

Ready Mix Load Out Dust Collector for Batch Plant

Designed and built by JEL Concrete Plants, this system is specifically designed for dust collection from the truck mixer inlet zone of dry batch plants during filling of the truck mixer. Zoned bags allow for simple and continuous operation.

  • Reliable shaker style cleaning
  • Dual Zone Filtration
  • 6000 CFM Standard
  • Available in 8000 CFM
  • Multiple Blower Motor Options
  • Easy Installation
  • Filter can be fitted in new and existing plants from any manufacturer
  • Manual Clean-out Standard
  • Includes Load Out Shroud and ducting back to dust collector unit
  • Optional Blow Back Pot for Recovered Dust
  • Optional Automatic recycle function for Recovered Dust


Available Cement Dust Collector Filters from JEL

Hopper Top – Weigh Hopper Venting Filter

Hopper Top - Weight Hopper Venting Filter for Concrete Batching Dust Collection

The Hopper Top Weigh Hopper Venting Filter by WAM® is a compact cylindrical venting filter specifically for mechanically filled hoppers in concrete batch plants. A single cartridge filter separates dust from the airflow, then drops it back into the hopper after an automatic air jet cleaning system removes it from the filter.

Hopper Top filter features:

  • Stainless steel flanged body
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Quick maintenance and easy access
  • Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit
  • No tools are required for filter removal
  • Easy to fit and retrofit


WAM RO-3 SiloTop® – Silo Venting Filter

WAM RO-3 SiloTop® Dust Collector for Concrete Batch Plant

SiloTop ® Silo Venting Filters by WAM® are designed for use with pneumatically filled cement silos. Dust separated from the air drops back into the silo after the automatic reverse air jet cleaning system has removed the dust particles from the filter.

SiloTop filter features:

  • Low dust emission
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • No tools are required for filter removal
  • Easy filter replacement by 1 person

All dust collection equipment is installed custom to your needs and all other batch plant equipment you need to get the job done correctly. Give us a call and we'll get it handled.

Serving Industry Across the United States

JEL Manufacturing supplies concrete dust collection systems to industries across the United States. We work with clients in nearly every state including, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, and more!

Contact JEL Concrete Plants for a quote on a batch plant system built to your EXACT specification.


Custom Ready Mix & Precast Concrete Batch Plant Design & Installation

We produce high-quality ready mix, precast and central mix concrete plants at pricing routinely beating our competitors. Proudly made in America by skilled craftsmen near Milwaukee WI, an area well known for high quality construction and mining equipment manufacturers, JEL Concrete Plants’ quality is second to none. Call 262-223-3205 to discuss the concrete plant configuration & calibration perfect for your production specifications.