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Decumulator® Ready Mix Concrete Batching


Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Stationary Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Decumulator plants are among the most versatile concrete plants, and their decumulative (reverse weighing) aggregate bins are true workhorses. JEL Concrete Plants uses this bin design as the base platform of several other plants, too.

Decumulator® Concrete Plant Overview

The Decumulator from JEL Manufacturing is constructed to be the ideal blend of versatility and production. The modular design allows for multiple configurations of stationary or mobile and ready or central mix. Any number of bins in multiple capacities can be attached in either 90-degree or in-line configurations. Each aggregate is weighed on an individual scale which speeds up the mixing process and provides a more homogeneous mix by pre-blending the aggregates before they reach the mixer. The low profile design of the Decumulator allows the bins to be loaded with a bucket loader or an optional feed system rather than a traditional feed conveyor and hopper.

Configure the Decumulator® to Meet Your Needs

The base aggregate bin capacity for the Decumulator is 20 tons. Optional extensions increase the bin capacity to 30 and 40 tons. 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48” belts can be used in the Decumulator. JEL Manufacturing offers silo capacities ranging from 30 to 200 tons as single or split compartments. A NEMA 4X motor control cabinet is used in every Decumulator configuration. 10, 15, or 20 HP air compressors with optional air dryers are available.      

Typical Specifications for Decumulator®

  • 550 bbl. Cement Silo
  • 14 cu. yd. cement batcher
  • 2, 3, or 4 20-ton aggregate bins
  • 30″ transfer conveyor
  • 3″ water meter
  • Automatic Batching Control System
  • 5 days setup supervision / onsite training

Add-on Features

  • Load point dust collection – 6000+ CFM, 5:1 air/cloth ratio or less
  • Weighed Water – Water holding tank gravity feeds weigh hopper. Includes level sensors, load cells and water shut-off valve.
  • Larger Silo / Split Silo / Auxiliary Silo
  • 30 and 40-ton aggregate bins
  • 36″ transfer conveyor
  • Customization available by request

We will build the Ready Mix concrete plant you want.

Not seeing what you want? Call us at (866) 535-6646 to discuss your specific needs. Each of our concrete plants can be customized to your specifications. Add more cement batchers, a larger silo, bigger transfer conveyor… whatever!