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Conveyor Systems for Concrete Batch Plants

JEL Concrete Plants offers high-quality batch plant equipment including conveyor systems. From feed conveyors to transfer conveyors, you will find the perfect system with JEL. Our conveyor systems are designed to optimize material handling and ensure an efficient production process. Trust JEL Manufacturing to deliver a conveyor system that will enhance the productivity and profitability of your business.

Hoppers for Concrete Batch Plants
We custom-build bins, hoppers and conveyors for YOUR batching system.


Reliable Conveyors for Concrete Batching

JEL Concrete Plants supplies efficient and reliable conveyor systems nationwide. Available in both standard and custom options, every conveyor is built with the demands of the industry in mind. Elevate your material handling and improve your workflow with a JEL Concrete Plants Conveyor system.

Types of Concrete Conveyors 

Stationary Conveyors for Concrete Batching

Where mobility is not required, our stationary conveyors for concrete batch plants offer robust and dependable performance. Built with heavy-duty components, our stationary conveyors are designed for years of reliable service at your concrete batch plant. With multiple configuration options available, we can create stationary conveyors customized to your concrete batch facility’s layout and workflow. Our engineering experts develop stationary conveyor systems for concrete batch plants that maximize your concrete production capacity and minimize maintenance requirements. With a choice of models offering various cubic yards per hour, our stationary conveyors can keep pace with even your most demanding production schedule. When reliable, high-volume conveying is a must, turn to our line of stationary conveyors.

Mobile Conveyors for Concrete Batching

Our mobile conveyors provide mobility and versatility for your concrete production needs. Mobile conveyors can be quickly and easily moved around your job site to transport concrete exactly where it's required. We have a variety of small/mini mobile conveyors. Their compact size allows them to maneuver into tight spaces while their durable construction stands up to the demands of your toughest jobs. With variable speed control, our mobile conveyors let you regulate concrete discharge precisely for maximum efficiency. Ramp up placement and keep your pour moving with our line of rugged and reliable mobile conveyors for concrete batch plants.

Serving Industries Across the U.S.

JEL Concrete Plants is dedicated to serving our partners across the United States. We work with clients from coast to coast including in the great states of Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and others!

Feed Conveyors

  • Channel or truss frames available
  • 10′ to 120’+ in length. You tell us the height we need to fill at and we will calculate the length needed
  • 18″, 24″, 36″, or 48″ width

Transfer Conveyors

  • Channel Frame
  • 10′ to 70′ in length.  (Special lengths available as needed.)
  • 18″, 24″ or 36″ width
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Custom Ready Mix & Precast Concrete Batch Plant Design & Installation

We produce high-quality ready mix, precast and central mix concrete plants at pricing routinely beating our competitors. Proudly made in America by skilled craftsmen near Milwaukee WI, an area well known for high quality construction and mining equipment manufacturers, JEL Concrete Plants’ quality is second to none. Call 262-223-3205 to discuss the concrete plant configuration & calibration perfect for your production specifications.