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Central Mix Concrete Batch Plants

Custom Built Central Mix Batch Plants

JEL Concrete Plants designs and builds high-efficiency central mix concrete batch plants (known colloquially as "cement mixers") for stationary ready mix operations as well as portable plants for large-scale infrastructure projects. We can custom design a central mix plant sized for your property and for easy entry and exit of your ready mix trucks. For portable use, our custom-built trailers make transport and setup easy.


One of the advantages of working with JEL is our ability to customize a plant to your specific needs. Our engineers will work with you to spec a cost-effective solution for your wet or ready mix application. With a full array of options for concrete mixers, hot water tanks, control systems, bins, hoppers and conveyors, JEL can design a central mix plant optimized for whatever type of work you do.

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Compact Central Batch Plants

Compact central batch plants are versatile and efficient solutions for centralized concrete batching. Our plants are designed to occupy minimal space while offering the benefits of a centralized mixing system, enhancing overall production efficiency. With their compact footprint, JEL Concrete Plants' central batch plants are well-suited for urban environments or projects with limited space, ensuring a seamless and organized concrete production process.

Calculate the Costs & ROI of Building a New Central Mix Batch Plant

JEL has been a leading manufacturer of central mix batch plants for years, quoting out the cost of a new plant is one thing. Figuring out the ROI and costs involved in operating it? We can help you figure that out too. Our concrete batch plant ROI calculator will help you plan out the costs and returns that you can get from a given plant setup.

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Why JEL Concrete Plants is Your Best Choice

Proven designs. With over 50 years of combined experience designing concrete batch plants and material handling equipment, our engineering team has a long history of successful projects. Before working with us, many of our engineers contributed to the concrete plant designs and principles used by our competitors.

High-Quality Construction and Materials. We have skilled craftsmen building our concrete batch plants. Everything is made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin using high-quality US-sourced steel. All parts, controls and accessories are factory supported.


Frequently Asked Questions About Central Mix Concrete

What are the advantages of central mix concrete?

Central mix offers quicker production when compared to transit-mixed concrete as well as causing less wear & tear on the concrete truck’s drum.

Is there a difference between central mix & ready mix concrete’s finished product?

The finished products are virtually identical whether you use ready mix or central mix concrete. Contact us today to find the right solution for you.

Will a central mix concrete plant save money?

Central mix concrete plants typically have a higher upfront cost but can save money over time in a number of ways.

  1. Faster cleanout of the trucks means you can perform more deliveries each day.
  2. Reduce the fuel consumption of concrete mixer trucks by 10% - 15%
  3. Reduces the amount of time drivers are waiting at the plant allowing more deliveries each day.


For a new central mix concrete plant system – contact FESCO Direct

FESCO Direct is our partner in sourcing and distributing central mix batch concrete batch plants for sale. If you’re looking to build a new system, get in touch with them and they’ll coordinate all equipment manufacturers to facilitate construction.



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