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Cement Dust Collection Systems for Michigan Batch Plants

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Concrete Dust Collection in MichiganJEL Concrete Plants proudly stands as the leading concrete equipment manufacturer in Michigan, delivering cutting-edge cement dust collection systems designed for the unique demands of batch facilities across the state. Our concrete dust collection solutions ensure efficiency, longevity, and compliance with Michigan's rigorous standards, establishing us as the trusted choice for concrete production equipment.


JEL’s Ready Mix Load Out Concrete Dust System

JEL's Ready Mix Load Out Concrete Dust Solution is designed to capture dust during truck mixer filling in dry batch facilities. This dust removal system features dual-zone filtration, zoned bags, shaker-style cleaning, and a variety of blower motor options. Suitable for both new and existing plants, it's easy to install, with ducting back to the dust collector unit and a load-out shroud. Enhance it with add-ons such as an automated recycling feature and a blowback pot for recovered dust.

Available Cement Dust Collection Filters


The Hopper Top Weigh Hopper Venting Filter is a compact venting filter for mechanically filled hoppers in concrete batch facilities. This WAM® product boasts a maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit, a stainless steel flanged body, high filtration efficiency, and quick maintenance with easy access. Filter removal doesn't require any tools, simplifying fitting and retrofitting.


For concrete batch facilities with pneumatically filled cement silos, consider the WAM RO-3 SiloTop® Dust Collector. This filter ensures excellent cleaning effectiveness, minimal dust emission, and easy filter replacement by a single person. Dust particles are extracted from the filter through the automated reverse air jet cleaning system, allowing dust to return to the silo.

Why Choose JEL for Concrete Dust Collection Equipment?

  • Customization: Our dust collector systems offer high levels of customization for your job site or production application.
  • Proven Performance: Benefit from dependable shaker-style cleaning, dual-zone filtration, and a variety of blower motor options for optimal performance.
  • Easy Installation: Our systems are designed for straightforward installation, seamlessly integrating into both new and existing facilities from any manufacturer.
  • Nationwide Reach: Serving industries across the United States, including Michigan, JEL Manufacturing provides top-quality concrete dust collection systems tailored to your specific needs.
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