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Planetary Batch Plant Mixer for Batching Systems

Ocmix SF Planetary Concrete Mixer for Batching Systems

Planetary Concrete Mixer for Concrete Batching
We offer deep customization of the Ocmix SF planetary concrete mixer for your batching system.

The Ocmix SF planetary concrete mixer is a leader in planetary concrete mixer technology. With its wide pan and multi-star mixing action, it produces high-quality concrete quickly and completely with no dead zones. A powerful motor makes short work of even high-density mixes.


Large, fully sealing discharge doors and scooped paddles enable easy discharge of even SCC concrete. Low sidewalls and wide open access covers allow easy and safe access for cleaning and maintenance. Available in 10 sizes ranging from .5 cu yd. input to 6 cu yd. input (.3 cu yd. output to 4 cu yd. output), the Ocmix SF is an excellent choice for any of our concrete batch plants.

For more information on an Ocmix planetary mixer equipped batch plant, contact JEL Concrete Plants.

Concrete Batching Plant Mixers for Sale

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JEL Concrete Plants manufactures many key components in a batching plant system, but if you're starting anew and considering a planetary concrete mixer for a new setup, get in touch with FESCO Direct. They're our partner for sales & sourcing all the equipment you'll need to build from the ground up.


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We produce high-quality ready mix, precast and central mix concrete plants at pricing routinely beating our competitors. Proudly made in America by skilled craftsmen near Milwaukee WI, an area well known for high quality construction and mining equipment manufacturers, JEL Concrete Plants’ quality is second to none. Call 262-223-3205 to discuss the concrete plant configuration & calibration perfect for your production specifications.