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Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers in Los Angeles

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer >> Los Angeles California

JEL Concrete Plants designs and constructs custom-made-to-order concrete batch plants. Our skilled technicians build three types of concrete plants to suit the size, job, and other specifications you need: ready-mix, precast and central mix plants. All our concrete plants have stationary and mobile variants so you can choose to have one large central operation or a portable plant to move from site to site. Have an idea for a new concrete plant? Contact us and we will work with you to turn your idea into reality.

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Los Angeles Batch Plant ROI Calculator

Investing in a concrete batching plant costs both time and money. You want to know when your investment will pay off. With our knowledge of the concrete market, we put together an ROI tool for your concrete plant that takes into account factors like local market, price of goods, size of operation and more.

Custom LA Concrete Batching Equipment

Our engineers at JEL design custom concrete plant equipment for new or existing concrete batching plants. Everything is custom-made to fit your specific plant, accounting for shape, size, production needs and other factors. JEL technicians design all concrete plant equipment you could possibly need including

Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant Manufacturer Florida

Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plants

Customize ready mix batch plant systems for high or low production. We've got three base models with deep customization options based on your project specs.

Precast Batch Plant Manufacturer Florida

Precast Concrete Batch Plants

JEL Concrete Plants manufactures precast concrete batching systems with big storage capacity and a low profile design.

Central Mix Batch Plant Manufacturer Florida

Central Mix Batch Plants

Our capabilities include central mix plants for large-scale infrastructure projects. Give us a call to learn more about your options.

All standard models feature deep customization options to ensure you're getting maximum production for minimum investment.

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Concrete batch plant equipment: build your system 100% custom

JEL Concrete Plants custom manufactures ready mix, precast & central mix plants with completely customized capabilities. We have the flexibility to accommodate unique project needs with a deep arsenal of concrete batching equipment.

Concrete Mixers Batch Plant Equipment Florida

Concrete Mixers

Customize a wet precast or central mix batching plant.

Hot Water Tanks Concrete Batching System Equipment Florida

Hot Water Tanks

Standard 1,500 gal. 3,000 gal. & 5,000 gal. – but any size available upon request.

Concrete Batching Aggregate Feeding Equipment Florida

Aggregate Feed Systems

Custom feed systems suitable for all batching precast and ready-mix models.

Control Systems Equipment for Concrete Batching Florida

Control Systems

Control systems for automatic & manual concrete batching.

Dust Collection Concrete Batch Plant Equipment Florida

Dust Collectors

Collect dust from the inlet zone in dry batch plants during truck mixer filling

Concrete Batch Plant Silos Florida


Split and single compartment silos for concrete batch plants.

Bins Hoppers Conveyors Concrete Batch Plant Equipment Florida

Bins, Hoppers & Conveyors

Customize your batch plant with miscellaneous material handling & storage equipment.

Concrete Batch Plant Parts and Batching Equipment Florida

Batch Plant Parts         

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Custom Ready Mix & Precast Concrete Batch Plant Design & Installation

We produce high-quality ready mix, precast and central mix concrete plants at pricing routinely beating our competitors. Proudly made in America by skilled craftsmen near Milwaukee WI, an area well known for high quality construction and mining equipment manufacturers, JEL Concrete Plants’ quality is second to none. Call 262-223-3205 to discuss the concrete plant configuration & calibration perfect for your production specifications.